Hardly any other sector is as complex as industry. Therefore, various current trends and innovations are the focus of the individual sub-industries. We help you to keep an overview and for example, to recognize the next trend early and utilize it. ​


The next stage of evolution; Smart Factory ​

New possibilities and potentials of intelligent production in the Smart Factory are, for example, flexible manufacturing processes. All manufacturing process sequences are transparent in the smart factory, allowing companies to react flexibly to changing conditions (e.g. increased feed-in of green electricity due to changing weather conditions) and to adapt processes quickly. ​
In addition, there is individual production: Special customer requests can be implemented flexibly, profitably and at short notice, as the time-consuming reprogramming of machines is no longer necessary.​

A new world of work offers further potential: processes can be precisely tailored to the workforce with the help of intelligent assistance systems. This means, for example, that older people can stay in the workforce longer and that family and career can be better reconciled.​

Examples from previous projects