Report on the expansion of solar energy for a German energy company

A German energy company would like to draw attention to the deficiencies of solar expansion in German cities and point out the potential of photovoltaics in large cities. For this purpose, valid data is needed to inform about the expansion of photovoltaic systems and the market potential in German cities.

How big is the market potential? How far along is the expansion of photovoltaics in major German cities?

Our Solution

Statista has analysed 14 German cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants, taking into account data from the state offices, to illustrate the market potential. Scientifically-based conversion factors are used to determine the respective roof areas. The calculations were based on newly constructed residential buildings and commercially used buildings, and the market potential was calculated taking this information into account.

  • Market potential analysis
  • Scientifically based conversion factors
  • Use of valid secondary sources
Customer Results

As part of the project, the state of photovoltaic expansion in large cities was surveyed and the market potential was calculated. This data was used by the client to draw attention to the potential and development opportunities with the help of a press release and publication of the materials. In addition, an infographic was designed to communicate the contents in a quick and understandable way.

  • Scientific approach to market potential and expansion of photovoltaics
  • Comprehensible infographic
  • Public communication through press release