In the last 20 years, digitalization has massively shifted the balance of power in many markets. For example, the financial and healthcare industries are being continuously revolutionized by start-ups that are digitally rethinking customer interactions and design. With the rise of tech giants in many verticals and their multi-billion investments in the digital economy, giants are emerging very strong positions of power, which now represent the most valuable companies in the world.​

Industry in numbers

4660 Mio.

Active internet users worldwide

> 11%

increase in eCommerce revenue in China by 2025


Share of Belgium’s net cross-border sales

3477000 Mio. USD

Revenue in eCommerce worldwide

Our Perspective

eServices on the rise​

The ubiquitous use of the internet and mobile phones has sparked a thriving eServices business that is still on the rise. Since Pizza Hut launched the very first online pizza order in 1994, online food delivery services have become a billion-dollar business, available in almost every city around the world. was founded in 1995, and now there are online dating services for virtually every interest. Ticketmaster was founded in the late 80s, in a time when tickets were only purchased offline. Today, people can buy tickets through all digital channels on devices as diverse as smartphones, wearables, and voice devices such as smart speakers.​

Examples from previous projects