Market sizing and potential modeling for an organization that promotes free knowledge and free content

An international organization specializing in free online information wanted to analyze its market potential for future cross-national expansion. The focus of the study was, on the one hand, the identification of factors and barriers to market growth, an analysis of regional user behavior in 10 countries, and detailed modeling of global potential.

In which countries is the potential for freely accessible information on the internet greatest?

Our Solution

Statista used a multi-stage procedure to process the study priorities. In the first step, a 160-country scoring model was used to pre-identify countries with particularly high market potential. The scoring model is based on relevant criteria that directly influence the market potential (e.g. internet penetration, education level of the population, indices on freedom of the press and freedom of opinion). In the next step, a survey was conducted among the populations of 10 selected countries that scored highly in the scoring. The survey provided new and country-specific insights into user behavior and potential. In the final step, a market model was used to produce a detailed estimate of the global market potential for the 10 countries studied. The determined market potentials were extrapolated to the other 150 countries to create a global overview.

  • Scoring model for ranking 160 countries
  • Survey in 10 different countries
  • Calculation of market potential for 160 countries in a market model
Customer Results

The detailed 150-country market model is used by the client for decision making and strategy planning for future expansion. Furthermore, as a result, the client received a comprehensive ranking of the country scoring models, which provides an overview of the factors driving and hindering market penetration in 160 countries. In addition, the client was provided with structured data tables summarizing the survey results at a detailed level. Part of the results delivery was also a professional and insightful PowerPoint presentation summarizing all project steps and results.

  • Market model as a central strategic decision tool
  • Analyzed and evaluated results from the survey for even more meaningfulness
  • Management summary from all results as a basis for quick decision-making