Major developments are currently fundamentally changing the consumer goods industry: media usage, behavior of Millennials and Generation Z, importance of online reviews and social media. In addition, technical product innovations and the ease of international trade via eCommerce platforms offer significant opportunities for expansion. ​

Our Perspective

New aspects in the purchasing process: ethical consumption​

In addition to traditional categories such as price, quality, appearance or brand associations, sustainable aspects are becoming increasingly important for consumers. Ecologically and socially sustainable aspects are becoming a significant purchasing argument for many consumers around the world. These aspects can be grouped under the term “ethical consumption”. In times of climate change as well as the growing social gap between industrialized and developing countries, many consumers are becoming more aware of the framework conditions of a product. ​​
Among everyday consumer goods, the market for ethical products is growing, especially in the areas of food and clothing. The market for organically produced food or fair trade goods has developed rapidly in recent years. However, ethical consumption does not only include the purchase of certain goods, it rather questions the complete consumer behaviour and gives rise to alternative business models of how we think about and eyperience consumption. Ecologically and socially sustainable products meet with the approval of many consumers, but at the same time contradictions and obstacles also arise in ethical consumption. ​

Examples from previous projects