Analysis of the footwear market in selected core markets

Shoes are a classic consumer good, but how big are the actual markets for shoes in selected core countries? With this question, an internationally known manufacturer of summer shoes approached Statista Q. Together with the client, Statista developed an exclusive market model to cover the current size and future trends of the respective shoe markets.

How big is the footwear market in selected countries and how will it develop in the coming years?


In order to determine the market sizes of the footwear markets, Statista has developed a market model. The market model includes all core customer countries and takes into account country-specific differences such as climate conditions and population structures. In addition, the model takes into account different consumer needs, willingness to pay and product preferences. The specific consumer information was generated through an international survey. Based on the survey and additional researched data, the current market sizes as well as future potentials were determined.

  • Forecast model for all countries
  • Exclusive consumer survey in all countries covered
  • Secondary data research for an even stronger database

With the market model, the customer can see how the respective markets will develop in the coming years. The forecast model was made available to the customer in full in the form of an MS Excel file. In addition to the model, the file also contained complete documentation of the sources used and assumptions made as well as a detailed explanation of the model structure. In addition to the forecast model, the client also received the raw data from the consumer surveys.

  • The results have shown our customer that there are sometimes strong differences in market development, despite very similar geographic locations
  • Scalable and reusable forecast model as a basis for future decisions
  • For full transparency and traceability we provided our client with the complete data set