With our data analytics experts, we can assist you in the investigation of both dynamic and diverse data sets. No matter if it is meta data, geographic data, image data or simple text information. Together with you we face the challenge to make this data usable even if it comes from different sources, formats, resolutions or qualities.

Our Solutions

Big Data

The amount of available internal and external data continues to increase. With suitable analyses, this mass of data can be used to optimize your business.

Data Insights

Data is the new gold: over 80% of executives find data valuable to the overall success of their business. Furthermore, unabatedly growing data volumes are increasingly challenging companies to transform this flood of information into actionable results. A suitable data strategy helps companies harness the value of their data and use it to make data-driven decisions.

Aspect-based review analysis

Every day in the world wide web we gather incredible amounts of reviews. The problem with the reviews on the internet is that it is unstructured and therefore not usable. It is a huge treasure with a lot of insights und information in front of our eyes we can’t reach
We help you to extract the individual insights of all reviews and include the respective opinion of every customer in the evaluation to gain product, customer, and market insights. All at once.