Aspect-based review analysis (Abra)

Every day in the world wide web we gather incredible amounts of reviews. The problem with the reviews on the internet is that it is unstructured and therefore not usable. It is a huge treasure with a lot of insights und information in front of our eyes we can’t reach
We help you to extract the individual insights of all reviews and include the respective opinion of every customer in the evaluation to gain product, customer and market insights. All at once.

How can I convert unstructured information from the internet about my products and my competitors into valuable insights, information and succesful actions? 

Our answer

Consumers feel empowered as their reviews put bad companies to shame, highlight companies that stand out amongst the crowd, and more broadly contribute to improving businesses everywhere. Consumers read reviews because they trust reviews and they believe that reviews will help them make the right decisions when making a purchase or choosing a company. Understanding reviews and building the ability to derive actions out of it are fundamental for a sustainable market performance.

  • Use insights to develop marketing strategies based on identified white spots or best practices
  • Capture moods, manage reputation, strengthen customer relationships
  • Get insights and understand the market from the customer perspective
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses from all market participants

Our unique advantage is that we do not only look at and evaluate the reviews as a whole. We analyze and extract the individual aspects of all reviews and include the respective opinion of these individual components (e.g. the image quality of televisions or the heat generation by barbecues) in the evaluation. Not only do you get an overall picture of the reviews, but you also get a precise overview of the following dimensions:

Your products | Your customers | Your competitors | Your market

Your benefits
  • Convert information into knowledge and actions and benefit economically from this advantage firsthand
  • Uncover hidden insights from first-hand customer data and derive actions
  • Gain a direct competitive advantage by uncovering relevant white spots and market developments
Our methodology

Aspect selection

Based on your personal selection and our algorithm-based recommendations, we jointly decide on a selection of aspects that provide the best insights 

Consistent database for valid results

The most important prerequisite for a successful analysis is a valid database. In our first project phase, we therefore create a consistent data set from individual data points – often from different sources and systems. In order to optimize the quality of data, it is cleaned, categorized and transferred into a clear structure during consolidation.


We evaluate each review towards our predefined individual aspects and identify and analyze their sentiments. We will provide you with valuable information concerning the customer satisfaction and pain points towards each aspect so you can derive actions that provide them with a competitive advantage. 

Presentation and visualization

We provide you secured access to your individual interactive dashboards. Get information at first glance or dive deeper in specific dimensions of the data. Use filters to Export automatic reports.

Individual analyses for action-oriented insights

On the basis of the statistical results, our data experts carry out further analyses that are more qualitative in nature. In this phase, we examine whether there is actual causality or mere correlation in the previously identified relationships. We also validate the results via external factors and industry developments. We find explanatory patterns for the analysis findings and check the plausibility of the results. On the basis of this in-depth data analysis, our analysts finally derive concrete recommendations for action and practical decision-making foundations for you.