Target group analysis for an international gaming provider

An international gaming provider wants to identify the attitudes and behavior of country-specific gamer segments worldwide in order to better understand and track (potential) gamers.

How can different gamer subgroups be precisely addressed per country?

Our Solution

In order to obtain meaningful data on various gamer target groups, the segments to be investigated were defined in advance in close consultation with the client. The focus was on topics such as awareness (incl. conversion rate to usage), game frequency and loyalty. In order to also identify developments and trends within the segments, the survey was conducted four times within a year among 2,000 respondents in each country. The data was analyzed each quarter and prepared in the form of tables and a report comparing the results by country and wave.

  • Conducting a quantitative and representative online survey in five countries with four survey waves á 2,000 respondents per country
  • Analysis of the segments and preparation of the data in a clearly structured set of tables
  • Preparation of a PowerPoint report for each survey wave, including a country and wave comparison
Customer Results

The client used the results of the player segments to tailor various marketing campaigns to better address the player base. In addition, the success of the marketing measures could be measured with the help of the quarterly execution of the study.

  • Condensed presentation of results
  • Wave comparison: Developments within the segments - potential absorption and churn rate as well as measurement of the success of marketing measures
  • Country comparison: identification of country and culture-specific developments