Market analysis of online trade in Sweden

A large international online mail order company is planning to enter the Swedish market. For this, the company needs data on the market size of certain categories, as well as key figures on the most popular brands. It is important for the customer to have as comprehensive an overview of the leading brands as possible, as well as a regional focus. Categories covered are various baby products, lamps and tools.

How big is the market and what are the most popular brands for specific product categories in the consumer goods sector in Sweden?

Our Solution

To answer the customer’s questions, Statista Q analysts conducted research and analysis of existing data. Data on the overall market was aggregated from the Statista platform, as well as additional databases and external sources. Specific market sizes for online retail were generated using modeling. The most popular brands were identified by means of presence in the largest online stores, customer preferences and sales figures. Based on the researched data, a ranking was created to form rankings for the top 5 companies per category in a well-founded way.

  • Search of trademarks for all categories
  • Ranking of brands by availability on relevant online retail platforms, in order to create a top 5 list per category plus interesting local brands
  • Researching and modeling the market sizes of online retail in the respective categories
Customer Results

The results of the project enabled the customer to assess the Swedish market and ensure that the most popular brands were included in its own product range. The data researched and generated by the project (market sizes, online sales, brand ranking) was prepared in clear and structured tables and handed over to the customer.

  • Quantitative decision-making basis to prioritize markets for entry and define entry strategies
  • Detailed brand ranking by availability per subcategory with focus on local brands
  • Market sizes of online trade in all subcategories
  • Key figures and further background information on potential partners and competitors