Fully automated brand tracking in the muesli category

mymuesli’s goal is to find out how its brand is currently perceived by consumers in Germany and how it can best position its brand in the long term against the competition in the market. In this regard, information is needed on brand awareness and image, but also on presence on different channels, as well as consumer habit.

How is the mymuesli brand perceived by consumers in Germany? How can mymuesli best position itself against the competition?

Our Solution

To optimally support mymuesli in its project, we used the Statista Brand Tracker in order to rank the brands. This contains all relevant brand KPIs and thus offers the highest flexibility in study design thanks to its modular structure. In addition to the core module, mymuesli opted for the additional topic modules, as well as the individual module, so that we were able to respond precisely to their needs. In this context, we surveyed 1,000 people in Germany between the ages of 18 and 65 – online representatively. Due to the high degree of automation, mymuesli was able to access the results live during the field time in the form of an interactive dashboard. Throughout the entire process, we supported mymuesli with our expertise.​

  • Individual study design incl. modular structure of the content, flexibility in the frequency of implementation as well as the target groups, etc.
  • Consulting and implementation of brand tracking from a single source (full-service approach)
  • Simple & fast implementation due to high degree of automation
Customer Results

The results of the Brand Tracker provided mymuesli with a good overview of the current position of their brand on the market and in the competitive environment. Thanks to the intuitive structure of our dashboard, mymuesli was able to quickly and easily identify strengths, as well as potential areas of improvement in order to incorporate them into their future strategic decisions regarding the direction of their brand.

  • Identification of consumer needs in the muesli category for the best possible management of the brand
  • Identification of own strengths as well as uncovering of potential areas in comparison to the competition
  • Deeper insights as a result of looking at different subgroups
Customer Statement

“With the help of the Brand Tracker, we have gained a comprehensive picture of how mymuesli is perceived as a brand. The dashboard provides a particularly exciting overview of the parameters that are relevant for us. The ability to compare and track our performance through several waves over several months will be particularly exciting, as we can link the insights with concrete measures for brand development.”

Elena Christ, Branding & Products Team mymuesli AG