Continuous brand tracking in the area of tire and car services

An international retail chain in the tire and car services sector would like to know how its brand is perceived by consumers and how it is positioned in relation to the competition. For this purpose, information on brand awareness and image is needed as a basis for the realignment of marketing activities.

How is the client’s brand perceived by consumers and where does it differentiate itself from its competitors?

Our Solution

To carry out this brand tracking, the first step was to evaluate topics that, in addition to the classic questions on brand awareness and brand image, provide insights for the realignment of the client’s marketing activities. These topics are regularly surveyed in a representative poll of car owners. The market research team at Statista Q carried out all the necessary steps. In close cooperation with the client, a suitable study design was developed to answer the research questions and was then implemented by Statista Q. After a final quality assurance, the results of the brand tracking are analyzed in wave comparison and competitive comparison. After each implementation, the client receives the results in the form of a structured set of tables as well as a summary of the core results in the form of a results presentation.

  • Regularly conducted survey among car owners
  • Additional boost to own customers for detailed evaluations of own brand
  • Data preparation in a structured table volume as well as the preparation of a results presentation
Customer Results

The results of the brand tracking provide the customer with continuously updated and comprehensive insights into the perception of its brand in the market and reveals opportunities and risks at an early stage. Furthermore, the success of marketing activities carried out so far could be measured by the brand tracking. In addition to the aggregated overall results, the customer receives all relevant information on desired subgroups, such as age, income class, etc., in order to manage their brand in the market in an even more targeted manner.

  • Identification of trends and current developments of own brand vs. competitors
  • Graphical preparation of the core results in the form of a professionally prepared PowerPoint presentation including a management summary
  • Deeper insights by looking at different subgroups
For the growth or the development of a brand, it is essential to keep an eye on the competitive environment and the needs of the consumers.