Consumer survey for the creation of a smartphone repair ranking

The insurance company Wertgarantie AG regularly publishes their smartphone repair index. This index evaluates the repair susceptibility of various smartphone models according to type of damage (e.g., drop or water damage), and thus shows how robust the devices really are in daily life.

The rating is based on insurance data from Wertgarantie and an online survey of 5,000 smartphone users in Germany conducted by Statista.

How susceptible are different smartphone models to repair?

Our Solution

At the core of the project was the implementation of a representative online survey with 5,000 participants in Germany. Together with the client, the questionnaire was designed and programmed by the market research experts at Statista Q. The questionnaire was then sent to the client. In order to reach enough users of all relevant smartphone models, a relatively high sample size was chosen. The queried contents of the questionnaire related to the type of use and the claims history of the smartphone. The subsequent field phase was monitored by Statista analysts in order to achieve satisfactory response rates. After completion of the field phase, the results were statistically analyzed and a “smartphone ranking” was created. The ranking takes into account not only the most robust and vulnerable models, but also the most reliable manufacturers and most frequent causes of damage.

  • Elaboration of the study design and questionnaire conception together with Wertgarantie
  • Conducting an online survey (5,000 participants in Germany)
  • Evaluation and statistical calculation of the results to determine a ``smartphone ranking`` of the most robust and the most vulnerable models
Customer Results

The ranking gave the customer an informed assessment of around 195 smartphone models. The ranking lists the most robust and most vulnerable models and enables evaluation according to various dimensions (e.g., overall ranking by manufacturer, model or by type of damage). The results of the ranking were published in a powerful and high-visibility digital study with high-quality infographics to visualize the results. Since the initial execution of the study, regular updates have been carried out to reflect the ever-changing model landscape.

  • Survey results for 195 smartphone models
  • Detailed evaluation according to various dimensions: Overall ranking per manufacturer, frequency of damage by model, and evaluation by type of damage
  • Visually presented repair study with appealing and easy-to-understand infographics
  • After successful publication of the index in 2016 and 2017 (link to the index), there will be an update in 2019 with results on the latest smartphone models