Collaboration Generation – The Rise of Millennials in the Workforce

Expectations of millennials are fundamentally different from those Generation X and Baby Boomers. Millennials are entering the job market and permanently changing the face of the modern workplace. They are influencing every aspect of work life, from leadership styles to the use of technology to the physical workplace itself. Together with a major international office supply retailer, we studied this generation and found: Collaboration is one of the most important factors for happy employees.

How does the generation of Millennials work? What do they want, what do they need, what do they demand? What are the most important factors for satisfied young employees?

Our Solution

Based on comprehensive desk research, Statista collects relevant data and insights appropriate to the chosen topic with a global focus. In close coordination with the client, we create editorial texts that are both exciting and informative, which translate the complex topic into a coherent story. Our in-house agency designs professional and appealing graphics that make the data tangible and easy to understand, creating a coherent and precise whitepaper.

  • Comprehensive desk research with global coverage
  • Editorial preparation of data
  • Design of graphics and layout of the whitepaper
Customer Results

With this report, we take a close look at a new generation of workers, break down their career expectations and show the impact on the modern workplace. The whitepaper enables our client to position itself as an expert in an engaging way, to inform and intrigue its target audience, and thus to generate new customer loyalty and strengthen existing relationships.

  • Whitepaper with high-quality graphics and modern layout
  • Create and strengthen customer loyalty
  • Generate reach and attention