Building the future – keeping up with a growing urban population

Every day, at least 200,000 people pack their bags and move to the big city. By 2050 almost 70% of the world’s population will live in cities – that’s about 7 billion people. Together with a U.S. software company that makes products for 2D and 3D digital design and development, Statista is investigating the trend of increasing urbanization of the world’s population.

How is the trend of urbanization developing? What effects does the increasing population in the urban habitat have on infrastructure, the environment and the economy?

Our Solution

Based on comprehensive desk research, Statista collects relevant data and insights appropriate to the chosen topic with a global focus. In close coordination with the client, editorial texts are created that are both exciting and informative, translating the complex topic into a coherent story. Our in-house agency designs professional and appealing graphics that make the data tangible and easy to understand, creating a coherent and precise whitepaper.

  • Comprehensive desk research with a global focus
  • Editorial preparation of data
  • Design of graphics and layout of the whitepaper
Customer Results

The shift to more urban living means that cities need more housing and infrastructure. This need presents both an opportunity and a challenge for architecture, engineering and construction professionals. They can design, plan, and build more, but they must do so on a planet with already scarce resources. With this report, we show what impacts are already evident, which are foreseeable in the future, and how the industry is responding. The client uses this white paper to position itself as a reliable expert and to inspire its target audience.

  • Whitepaper with high-quality graphics and modern layout
  • Inform and inspire your target group
  • Generate reach and attention for the topic