Attitudes toward data privacy in healthcare

A large pharmaceutical company wants to learn about the population’s knowledge, emotional attitude, fears and hopes, as well as their attitudes toward data protection in medicine.

One of the project’s aims is to evaluate how patients view the use of health data and the issue of data protection in healthcare in general.

How do people view the use of health data in healthcare in terms of privacy?

Our Solution

The core of the project was the implementation of a representative online survey with 1,000 participants in Germany. The questionnaire was designed and programmed by the market research experts at Statista Q. The content of the questionnaire covered questions on knowledge of data privacy and the use of health data, as well as emotional attitudes. In terms of content, the questionnaire covered questions on knowledge of data privacy and the use of health data as well as emotional attitudes. The subsequent field phase was monitored to achieve satisfactory response rates. After completion of the field phase, the results were statistically evaluated, analyzed and professionally prepared.

  • Conducting a quantitative and representative online survey of 1,000 persons
  • Creation and programming of the questionnaire by Statista Q
  • Statistical analysis of primary data
Customer Results

The survey revealed, among other things, that data protection also plays an important role in the healthcare sector and in the handling of healthcare data. The customer received a Microsoft PowerPoint report as a result document, which presents the core results. In addition, selected statements were prepared in attractive infographics to be disseminated to the public via various channels of the customer.

  • Deep understanding of the public's attitudes toward health care privacy
  • Preparation of the data as a clear and informative PowerPoint report
  • Subsequent creation of attractive infographics that can be used for PR purposes