The Internet of Things, or service, is booming unstoppably. Telecommunications providers in particular have positioned themselves as valuable partners in industry due to their network-infrastructure and technological expertise. Together, they are constantly creating new and improved networked application possibilities. So that you can also profit from these developments, we can help you identify their potential and utilize them. ​

Our Perspective

Artificial intelligence (AI) owns the revenue potential ​

We already see AI being applied in many cases today, but the quality is getting better and better, which will open up even more possible applications. Prominent examples are the further development of voice assistants, industrial robots (robotics), supercomputers or autonomous driving. For example, the number of partially/fully automated vehicles on Europe’s roads is estimated to be at around 33 million in 2030. High-quality and extensively available data is fundamental, especially for the training of the respective AIs; this data determines the success or failure of future applications. ​

Examples from previous projects