The media world is facing major changes today, the likes of which have rarely been seen in the past. However, the resulting opportunities for the industry are at least as great. In the future, for example, 5G technology will enable even more complex video advertising and the integration of shopping and payment solutions in social networks will create additional opportunities for monetization.

Industry in numbers

138000 Mio. USD

Ad spend globally on social media advertising in 2025

> 20%

Increase in search advertising spend in Canada by 2025

> 167%

Higher spending on traditional TV advertising than on digital video in the UK (2025)

> 414000 Mio. USD

Revenue in digital media market in 2025

Our Perspective

Digital trends as the linchpin of the coming years

Digitization will put the media world to the test in the coming years. A comprehensive and structural change is already in full swing and is being accelerated by current trends. In addition to new content/ and monetization concepts, voice control, and real-time voice, AI in particular is often at the heart of the transformation in both industries. Enriched by high-quality data, it has already started making independent decisions today and also enables even better analysis of consumer behavior. ​

Examples from previous projects