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Traditional advertising is becoming less and less influential: today’s customer wants to be entertained and demands quality communication. Useful content is therefore more relevant than ever, to attract and retain customers and to sustainably strengthen the image of the brand.

How do you succeed in winning new customers and retaining them in the long term?


The needs of consumers have changed in recent years. Thus, classic marketing activities are increasingly ignored by consumers and superficial advertising promises no longer find a place in modern customer communication. Consumers want to be entertained: relevant, high-quality and useful content is more important than ever, as this is the only way to stand out in the media against background noise.
Media attention is the only way to strengthen the awareness of your brand and therefore win new, long-term customers.
Nowadays, a long-term content strategy is therefore an indispensable part of any marketing communication arsenal.

  • Unique and valid content on current topics that is relevant for the press and media
  • Graphic preparation for media dissemination
  • Identify relevant topics and corporate messages
  • Acquiring new customers and keeping them in the long term

We support you in identifying relevant topics or your corporate messages and generate valid insights.
You will receive unique content on current topics that have not yet been comprehensively highlighted and will therefore gain media attention. Together we uncover, among other things, socio-demographic differences that are particularly suitable for optimal marketing in terms of consumer surveys, e.g. in the form of publications, (animated) infographics and/or videos, etc.. In addition, you will gain scientifically sound, valid and objective data that will convince your customers and not provide a target for critical inquiries.
The best part about this? You can get all of this from us from a single source: consulting, market research, content and design and reach generation.

Your Benefits
  • Unique Content on current topics that is highly relevant for press and customers
  • Scientifically sound, valid and objective data, that is convincing and creates trust
  • Everything from one source: Consulting, Market Research, Content & Design, Reach Generation
Our methodology

Topic-finding Workshop

In a joint workshop on site or as a webinar, we identify your corporate messages and define the communication goal as well as the corresponding addressees. In addition, we present you with topic suggestions from our previous research, including the resulting messages, which we discuss and supplement together with you. Here we pay particular attention to the fact that the selected topics have not yet been frequently mentioned in the media. The collection of topics created in this way at the end of the workshop is then validated in the online panel within 48 hours using a “quick poll” to assess the attractiveness.

Representative survey

In order to be able to generate robust data for a reliable analysis, a representative sample of the online population is drawn as standard with regard to age, gender and region (federal states).  On the one hand, this gives us a representative cross-section of the German online population and, on the other hand, it allows us to take a look at different subgroups, such as age groups. Even the  descriptive presentation of the results (e.g. frequency counts) provides timely information about exciting and relevant topics that can be used and circulated in the media.
An added value can also be provided by supplementing expert interviews, whose original sound bites, depending on the topic, are ideally suited for publication.

Media circulation

In addition to the preparation of the results, e.g. as an infographics, storycharts, booklets, we are also happy to support you in the circulation of the results via the Statista infographic newsletter or via permanent integration on our Statista portal.

Examples from previous projects