Revision of the publication layout for an international financial company

Redesign of the content and structure of the corporate framework planning for an international finance company. Support of the process through graphic preparation, data selection and editorial expertise.

Do you want a modern design? Are you looking for expertise in graphics and editing?

Our Solution

Statista is a full-service provider that provides holistic support for your strategy papers and other publication documents. Our in-house graphics agency offers modern and professional layouts, graphics and icons. In addition, our trained analysts take over the content editing of your data to ensure a consistent and comprehensible publication. The revision is rounded off by an editorial revision and adaptation of your content.

  • Modern layouts, graphics and icons
  • Editorial expertise
  • Professional proofreading
Customer Results

In close coordination with the client, we created a consistent and stringent strategy document for internal communication. Statista supports you with both our graphics and editorial expertise. The final product captivates with its consistent and modern appearance. The developed style serves as an internal guideline for future publications and gives the publications a characteristic recognition value.

  • Consistent and stringent strategy paper
  • Modern style guideline
  • Characteristic recognition value