Representative quick surveys on seasonal topics

We regularly conduct representative population surveys on a wide range of topics for a renowned company in the leisure and tourism sector. The insights gained are the basis for strategic decisions as well as for media presence.

What attitudes, opinions and (unfulfilled) needs are there among consumers with regard to seasonal occasions such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.?

Our Solution

In order to identify potential marketing thrusts, representative population surveys were carried out with 1,000 respondents each in the run-up to seasonal events such as Christmas. Among other things, habits, attitudes and opinions were surveyed and (as yet unknown) needs identified. The market research team at Statista Q carried out all the necessary steps. In close cooperation with the client, a suitable study design was developed to answer the research questions and implemented by Statista Q. After a final quality assurance, the results of the flash surveys were analyzed. The client received the results in the form of a structured set of tables after each implementation.

  • Population-representative survey via online access panel
  • In each case close to the time of the seasonal events
  • Data preparation in a structured table volume
Customer Results

The identification of consumer attitudes and habits as well as (as yet unknown) needs provides selective – but also year-on-year/wave comparison – potential topics on the basis of which the communicative accompaniment of the leisure and tourism company’s offers is designed and implemented. In addition to the aggregated overall results, the customer receives all relevant information on desired subgroups, such as age, gender, etc., for an even more targeted approach.

  • Identification of consumer attitudes and needs
  • Basis for the strategic orientation of marketing measures
  • Increase media attention and success of marketing measures