Processing of an industry topic for a telecommunications group

The client’s objective was to share experiences and insights about telecommunications standards, which have received little public attention to date, and to encourage the formation of public opinion. The report is intended to inform the reader and encourage them to familiarize themselves with the industry sector, so they may form their own opinion.

Do you want more attention for your focus topic? You may need independently prepared figures, data and facts?

Our Solution

Statista conducted secondary research to elaborate on the focus topic. The focus was on independent and credible sources, in order to present the topic in a comprehensible and trustworthy manner. The most important figures, data and facts were presented in a graphically appealing way. In addition, concise headlines and short descriptions were used to guide the reader through the report, putting the data in context and making the content clearly understandable.

  • In-depth research
  • Independent and credible sources
  • Reader guidance through short texts
Customer Results

By using credible sources and preparing figures, data and facts, it was possible to create a comprehensible and comprehensive report. The report informs and explains a complex telecommunications topic in an approachable, but scientifically sound manner. This in turn leads to greater acceptance and public attention towards the topic of industry standards in the telecommunications sector.

  • Industry report
  • Scientific and understandable preparation
  • Acceptance and visibility for your topic