Global eCommerce Landscape Report

A trade and economic development agency wants to produce a series of reports that provide insights into global eCommerce markets to help businesses expand into international markets.

How big is the market potential? What challenges does this pose for the client?

Our Solution

At the beginning of the project, structured desk research was conducted to collect eCommerce market data and consumer insights. In addition, Statista’s own sources were used to create the report, e.g. eCommerceDB or Digital Market Outlook. The collected data was prepared, taking into account important economic indicators and drivers for digital commerce in global markets. The report contains the professional preparation of the data in comprehensibly designed reports with important facts and insightful presentations.

  • Structured desk research
  • Modelling through key economic indicators
  • Clear preparation of data
Customer Results

Comprehensive report series that provide a consolidated overview of the global eCommerce landscape and identify opportunities for success and business growth. The reports consist of several parts, such as country deep dives, company case studies, analysis of different categories of the eCommerce market (e.g. pharma & food processing) and B2B eCommerce marketplaces and trends.

  • Overview of global eCommerce landscape
  • Company case studies
  • Analysis B2B eCommerce Marketplaces