Dealing with additional regulatory requirements

An independent IT consulting company would like to inform its customers on the topic of BaFin requirements in relation to individual data processing by means of a white paper. Part of this should be the background to the introduction of the BaFin regulations, as well as exclusive insights into the implementation of these guidelines in banks.

To what extent are the BaFin requirements already implemented?
What are the biggest legal challenges to individual data processing in banks?

Our Solution

In order to collect the data for the content framework of this white paper, Statista conducted secondary data research on the central background of the new BaFin regulation. In addition, we researched potential contacts, including CEOs, CFOs and IT managers of financial companies, who were then invited to participate in a quantitative survey in order to generate exclusive data. Based on the information obtained, Statista Q’s market research team, in close consultation with the IT consulting firm, created a questionnaire, programmed it, and invited the contacts to participate in the survey. After conducting the field phase, the results were analysed and prepared in the form of tables. In cooperation with our Statista in-house agency C&ID, a visually appealing whitepaper was created based on the data from the research and survey.

  • Secondary data research for the content framework, as well as topic identification for a tailor-made questionnaire
  • Quantitative primary survey of CEOs, CFOs and IT managers of financial companies
  • Preparation of the data in the form of an exclusive white paper
Customer Results

The data from the project provided the IT consulting company with the information it needed, both for itself and its customers. The results of the project were exclusively handed over to the customer in the form of a structured set of tables in Excel, as well as a whitepaper. The whitepaper serves to attract media attention and to generate new customers.

  • Individual whitepaper with current data on BaFin requirements
  • Graphic and textual preparation incl. creation of infographics
  • Structured and professionally prepared tables in Excel