Continuous tracking of TV and media usage in Germany

A large international telecommunications service provider requires continuous data and insights into TV and video consumption in Germany. Information is required with regard to consumer attitudes, usage habits and preferences as well as infrastructure, end devices used and providers.

What does TV and media use look like in Germany? Who are the big players and how are consumers’ usage habits changing?

Our Solution

To carry out this tracking, Statista Q has built up an individual customer panel by regularly conducting exclusive consumer surveys. The representative surveys provide information about the TV and video usage habits of consumers and the resulting changes over time. In addition, more in-depth surveys are carried out during the year in the form of re-contact studies for specific target groups. The market research team at Statista Q carried out all the necessary steps in this process. In close cooperation with the client, a suitable study design was developed to answer the research questions. All surveys in this customer panel are implemented by Statista Q. After a final quality assurance, the tracking results are analysed annually in a wave comparison and made available in the agreed formats. This includes the preparation of the results in Statista’s own cloud-based counting tool as well as the preparation of a results presentation including core results and management summary.

  • Annual representative primary survey of 8,000 Germans as well as ad-hoc re-contact studies conducted during the year
  • Construction of a customized panel
  • Data preparation in our interactive and cloud-based counting tool
Customer Results

The tracking results continuously provide up-to-date and comprehensive insights into consumer attitudes and usage habits with regard to TV and media usage. With the cloud-based counting tool, the customer has the possibility to carry out their individual analyses at any time. The results of the tracking are aggregated in the form of a PowerPoint presentation as well as graphically prepared and exclusively handed over to the customer as a summary.

  • Identification of trends and current developments
  • Cloud-based counting tool for individual analysis of survey data
  • Graphical preparation of the core results in the form of a professionally prepared PowerPoint presentation including a management summary
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