A sector report on the public perception of the local supply real estate sector

The client’s objective was to share experiences and insights about the local supply real estate sector, which has received little public attention to date, and to encourage the formation of public opinion. The report is intended to inform the reader and encourage them to familiarize themselves with the industry, so they may form their own opinion.

Do you want more attention for your industry? Do you need independently prepared figures, data and facts, and visually-appealing graphics?

Our Solution

Statista conducted secondary source research and collected additional facts with the help of market research. The findings were presented in an understandable way for the target audience. In addition, the most important figures, data and graphics were prepared in an appealing way.

  • Secondary source research
  • Exclusive survey
  • Comprehensible preparation of figures, data, facts
Customer Results

Using credible sources, an appealing and informative report was created using figures, data and facts. The report impresses with its comprehensibility and a clear, reader-friendly structure. The reader is guided through the report by editorial texts, so that content is created for the figures, which is easily understandable and tangible. The exclusive market research contributes to the uniqueness of the report.

  • Comprehensible and stringent report
  • Use of the report in public communication
  • Exclusive data through market research