Forecasts of sales and revenue developments without a valid database are one of the most frequent reasons for fatal misjudgements of strategic and operational decisions on product design, pricing policy, communication (advertising) as well as distribution and sales. These are often accompanied by considerable financial losses. With our comprehensive approach to market potential and forecast calculation, we support you in minimizing these risks.

Do you know the potential and sales opportunities of the market you want to enter or expand?

Our Answer

In order for companies to increase their chances of long-term success, they must be able to adapt to future developments in markets and to align their entrepreneurial actions accordingly. A market potential analysis and sales forecast are the prerequisite for the planning, development and introduction of new products and services.
The market potential analysis offers a comprehensive insight and helps you derive information about the market situation, especially about saturation levels and absorption capacities. In addition, it can be determined how attractive a product or service is for the consumer, what benefits it has and which marketing strategy can bring about which sales figures.
Market potential analyses are therefore particularly suitable for growth or unsaturated markets as well as for investigating potential target markets, determining new locations, evaluating ideas (screening) and determining new sales territories.

  • Determine the potential in target markets and maximize your sales volume
  • Systematic assessment of chances and risks of innovative markets and products
  • Generate an objective fact base for your decisions
  • Optimize your Marketing spendings based on a 360 degree assessment of the market

We are happy to support you with our extensive methodological knowledge and our many years of expertise in the field of market potential and forecast calculation to identify your market potential, to predict market developments, to obtain competitive information and to be able to react more quickly to changing product trends and requirements.
A reasonable and detailed market potential analysis helps you with the market segmentation, to assess the market and to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors through comprehensive information. In addition, the analysis also serves the strategic orientation of your company.
Opportunities and risks are examined in equal measure in order to provide them with a solid basis for investment and strategic decisions.


Your Benefits
  • Revenue maximization
  • Fact base decision
  • Reliable predictions and planning through robust forecasts
Our Methodology

Identification & Evaluation

The basis for a reliable market potential and forecast calculation is always comprehensive data material. Microeconomic variables, e.g. information about the number of (potential) consumers, their purchasing power and willingness to buy with different product characteristics and possible complementary effects with other products can be optimally measured by means of primary market research, e.g. in the context of product and price studies. 

In addition, data on further microeconomic and macroeconomic market drivers and sources of influence can be determined within the scope of a secondary data research. In addition to the Statista platform with more than 22,500 sources, topic-specific industry analyses, association reports or institutional data are relevant here. In the first step, our experienced analysts evaluate as many sources as possible (statistics, market studies, trade journals, company databases, etc.).
Interviews with market and industry experts can also enrich the data obtained.

From the multitude of ratings and reviews, retailers can generate important insights.

Market Modelling

In this step, the generated data from the preceding identification and evaluation phase is transferred into a model by means of a project-specific calculation logic in order to simulate market key figures and forecasts on different levels. Depending on the project, the modeling can take place bottom-up, top-down or as a combination.
Forecasts of market developments are derived using Statista’s proprietary parametric forecasting approach, which is based on fundamental theories of innovation research. Our forecasting methodology is designed to provide reliable forecasts that reflect the characteristics of innovative product life cycles.

Our approach provides answers to fundamental challenging questions for innovative products and services. The answers can be provided at the push of a button via an easy-to-use and universally applicable dashboard. The Statista solution is the perfect companion for companies in dynamic markets characterized by uncertainty and strong competition, as strategically important decisions can be made on the basis of valid data.

Examples from previous projects