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For a brand to be successful, it is essential to know the needs of the consumers, to have a robust perspective of the competitive environment, and to understand how to increase the relevance and attractiveness of a brand. Pure brand awareness alone has long since ceased to be enough to survive in the market.

How can you better position your brand on the market? Which KPIs provide the right impulses for the success of your brand?

Our answer

Continuous tracking of brand performance across various dimensions provides information on how consumers’ perception of your brand changes over time, how efficient your marketing campaigns are, and how you can optimally position yourself against your competitors. It reveals potential or serves as an early warning system and informs you about possible negative developments of your brand.
How well known is your brand? Is your brand aimed at the correct target group? What do consumers associate with your brand? Has the image of your brand changed over time? Does your marketing campaign have an impact on brand perception?

  • Continuous tracking of your own brand in the market
  • Uncovering potential in the brand funnel
  • Continuous measurement of the success of your marketing activities
  • Better positioning on the market thanks to early identification of opportunities and risks

In addition to brand awareness, other key performance indicators such as satisfaction, image, brand association, or recommendations are important for a comprehensive evaluation of your brand. With this holistic approach, correlations between the various KPIs can be identified and thus provide important impulses for successful marketing.
To identify changes reliably and over the long term, we recommend continuous brand tracking in a benchmarking environment, whether quarterly, semi-annually or annually, both nationally and internationally.

Your Benefits
  • Best possible brand management because of a better understanding of consumer needs
  • Improvement of brand perception through identification of relevant aspects for brand communication
  • Strengthening of brand values thanks to continuous measurement of relevant KPIs and recommendations for action derived from them
Our methodology

Brand Tracking @ Statista Q – Status Q of your brand

Due to its modular structure, the Statista Q Brand Tracker offers you the best possible flexibility with a focus on topics that are relevant to you. An essential component is the main module, which measures brand and image KPIs.
Use our different topic modules for a deep dive into buying & information behavior, advertising & touchpoints, brand promise & association, brand digitality, as well as individual questions you might have.
We support you from the design of the setup to the derivation of insights to get the best out of your brand.


Statista Brand Tracker

The Statista Brand Tracker is based on a (partially) standardized questionnaire that applies equally to all industries and/or countries. An essential component is the main module, which measures the core brand and image indicators, including unaided and aided brand awareness, brand preference, brand image and satisfaction.
In addition, we have developed further topic modules that can be integrated into the main module as desired, such as purchasing and information behavior, advertising and touchpoints, brand promise and association. In addition, we offer to add completely individualised questions on request.
The Statista Brand Tracker offers you a quick overview of the relevant KPIs of your brand and your competitors. Due to its modular structure, it allows you the best possible flexibility for the topics relevant to you.

Interactive dashboard

Together with our partner Quantilope, we offer you an interactive dashboard solution. At a glance, you can access the relevant KPIs of your brand and your competitors and track their development live in time or by country.
Thanks to the export function, you can easily use the data for your presentation and thus share it with internal and external stakeholders.
In addition to our dashboard solution, we offer brand tracking and image studies in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or an Excel spreadsheet, as well as in the form of a report or a management summary.

Examples from previous projects