As an international full-service market research institute, we can generate answers for your questions concerning people, brands and products. Every year, we conduct over one million interviews worldwide and collect and analyze extensive data for our national and international clients. Our market research experts will be happy to advise you on which study design is best suited to achieving your goals.

Our Solutions

Market Monitoring &

Regular market monitoring reveals changes and trends in the market at an early stage and serves as the basis for your strategic corporate planning.  Monitoring also includes monitoring your market and competitors in order to be able to react quickly to changes.

Marketing &
PR Studies

Through media attention, you can strengthen your brand, win customers and retain them in the long term. We create high-quality and credible content in an attractive design and support you in generating coverage.

Price &
Product Research

Increase your company’s success by optimally aligning your portfolio strategy with the needs and willingness to pay of your potential customers. We support them in target group analysis and segmentation, product optimization and pricing.

Target Group &
Cluster Analysis

A successful marketing strategy is characterized by a tailored approach to your target group. Through target group analysis, you can find out the needs of your target group and give  impetus to what content is relevant for your marketing.

Customer &
Employee Satisfaction Surveys

The interaction between satisfied employees and customers is crucial for the success of your company. Evaluate the satisfaction of your customers and employees using a 360 ° approach in order to identify relevant factors for greater satisfaction on both sides.

Market Potential &
Forecast Calculation

Determine your market opportunities and optimize your sales volume through market potential and forecast calculations. The market potential analysis provides information about the market situation, the attractiveness of a product and its benefit for the consumer.

B2B Market Research

Business-to-Business (B2B) market research helps you to gain relevant insights into your business environment, your business customers and the competition. Make your strategic business decisions on the basis of B2B market research.

Healthy Company

“Healthy Company” aims to position your company to meet future challenges in line with your needs. The data specialists at Statista and the health experts at the ias Group have collaborated to develop a holistic approach that supports you with data-driven analyses, forecasts and individual consulting measures. In this way, you leverage the full potential of your employees.

Our Methods