The “Numbers” publications are a joint project between Statista and our partner brand eins and are often-cited reference works that have knowledge, data and facts at their core.

What issue do you stand for? Are you using your pioneering role? Are you looking for a unique selling point?

Our answer

Become a pioneer and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your expertise flows into the product and provides exclusive added value – in return, your brand benefits from our methodical skills and excellent journalistic content. Together with our partner brand eins, we ensure that your magazine is loaded with up-to-date and relevant data material, and with well-researched stories, entertainingly told and opulently presented.

  • Knowledge journalism
  • Reach of media partners
  • Presentation of your core competence
  • Many-cited source collection for multipliers

A “Numbers” publication provides you with media attention and serves to present your core competence. The independent partners “brand eins” and “Statista” ensure a professional and credible presentation of your topic. Your brand will benefit from the journalistic content of “brand eins” and the data expertise of “Statista”. Together we create a special magazine which you can permanently devote to your topic and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Your benefits
  • Media attention and reach
  • Credibility through independent partners
  • Positioning in the industry, with partners and customers as an expert


Collecting, structuring and analysing large amounts of data is our core competence – we create added value from data. Our publications of figures are reference works that offer an all-encompassing picture of a wide range of topics through their large selection of independent data. Relevance and comprehensibility are our top priorities in the preparation of our publications.

Journalistic texts

Create trust and ensure transparency and new knowledge with the journalistic expertise of our partner brand eins. Exciting stories, well researched and told and opulently prepared, are the editorial team’s craft.

Market research

Our online survey, created especially for you, provides exclusive data material that can only be found in our report. No wonder our magazines are widely quoted – from trade media to blogs to the daily press.

Examples from previous projects