Study on brand image in the soccer industry

A globally known French soccer club wants to gain targeted and comprehensive insights into its perception among soccer fans in selected African countries. Awareness and extent of fan support, spectator frequency and audience as well as consumption and sponsorship were all key points of the empirical study

How well known is the soccer club in selected emerging African countries?

Our Solution

In order to generate meaningful insights for the customer, Statista Q conducted a quantitative online survey with almost 1,000 participants in three African countries. Here, Statista’s market research experts developed and programmed a questionnaire together with the client. The topics covered included awareness and image of the club, audience preferences and willingness to spend on club merchandise. After completion of the field phase, which was monitored by Statista, the results were analyzed. This included a subgroup analysis to cover all relevant target groups.

  • Quantitative online survey with nearly 1,000 participants in three African countries
  • Subgroup analyses for all relevant target groups
  • Presentation of the results in the form of an appealing and clearly arranged study
Customer Results

The findings of the project enable the soccer club to assess its own image within the countries and manage future marketing and communication measures in a more targeted manner. The club additionally received a management report that presents the most important findings of the online survey.

  • Management report based on the online survey
  • Insights into brand image and awareness, merchandising consumption by fans and sponsorship potential
  • Information on the competitive position, opportunities and challenges in the African soccer market